Thursday, August 25, 2011

HIGH SCHOOL: the silent killer.

Lord help me, I start my freshman year of high school on Monday, the 29th. That means three full days of freedom left.
Let me tell you a bit about my view on public school.
IT SUCKS. What would I not give to be home schooled? Very little. The thought of 175 days.. surrounded by close-to-illiterate underachieving morons and dramatic whores and immature males. Oh, and not to mention the completely obnoxious "why-i-am-i-here-attitude staff" that comes along with the whole deal.

Another concern of mine is the current status of my summer reading assignment. I have yet to begin reading either of the two short stories I was assigned, or to start highlighting and making commentary on their "analytical points". Why did I not start this earlier in the summer? Because I didn't want to. Can I do this in three days? Of course. Will I? Probably not.

Here is a glimpse of myself in the very near future.


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