Sunday, July 31, 2011

striped shorts.

Mkay, see these cute little stripey thaaangs righthuur? Yup, they FINALLY arrived in my mailbox yesterday. From lulu' They only took a few days to get here, but every time i order something in the mail, the wait just KILLS me.

Anyway, here they are! Soo beeauutiful! Today i paired 'em with those suede boots, my red bow belt, and this sheer black shirt with velvet black flowers on the front that i bought at a vintage store. It still has a faint smell of cigarettes...

I WISH i would've had time to do my makeup instead of having to hide my face behind those huge coach sunglasses, but my photographer (mother) was on her way out sooo i had to take the pictures right then.

Next time, i'll splash on some eyeliner (& wings? i think yes!), RED lipstick, annnnd hmm.. prolly just my plain old foundation and powder underneath.
Also, gotta love that one curled piece of hair in the front there (;

shades- Coach
shirt- vintage
belt- engh i forget


Monday, July 25, 2011

here we go

So here we are.
It's me, toreysa, just trying to voice myself in the world.
So i've created my own blog, and i'm going to fill it with my thoughts on... everything i think about. (music, fashion, everything)
A bit about myself... i'm 14. yep, young, but you'd be surprised. i'm a vegetarian. i  know what i like and work hard to get it. i love people.. sometimes.
mmmmm... yeah. love me.